Fisdemo Fort Pro Rechargeable Hearing Aid Behind the Ear with Portable Charger

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  • Exceptional intelligibility:The subtle, compact device provides an incredibly clear voice. 
  • Higher-quality vocal projection:People with mild to severe hearing loss can use this cutting-edge digital equipment.
  • You may wear it all day:It is made with low distortion, medium power output, and a low battery indicator to alert customers to the need for a quick battery charge.
  • Discrete and incredibly comfortable:It features a Super-Cardioid Polar Pattern Dual Microphone for a comfortable listening experience.
Color: Creamy-White


Multi-channel WDRC

Low Battery Consumption DSP

Noise reduction

Long use time/ Lasting 38 hours

Acoustic Patios for VC & MS

Low battery warning

Multi-function Rocker switch

Perfect Miniature Design

A small audio device that fits behind the ear comfortably and is built to last against wear and tear. The slim, tan device perfectly complements your skin tone to exhibit aesthetic visuals. Volume control and memory controls make this device an intelligent and trustworthy companion.

Innovatively Smart

Features 4 channels WDRC SDP with intelligent charging direction detection, making it perfect for people with mild to severe hearing loss.

Rapid Charging Technology

Our EZcharge technology lets your device charge in less than 3.5 hours and can last up to 35+ hours with a single charge. 

It can effectively reduce power consumption, extend battery life, and ensure the safety of hearing aids when charging.

Long Duration of Use

The Prime S Plus hearing aids may be used for up to 35+ hours due to their strong battery capacity. Additionally, the switch case will enable three recharge cycles for both devices.


When charging with external power, the charging case may also sanitize the hearing aids, improving the hygiene of your device and extending its longevity of the devices.

Product specification

Battery type



Working hours | Hearing


35+ hours

Charging time (per pair)

3 times

3 times

Time of all charge (Devices)

2.5 hours

2.5 hours

Time of full charge (Base)

3 hours

3 hours


①Type-Ccharging cable

②Silicone ear dome

③Charging base  


Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
SF Maureen

Expense kept me from buying hearing aids UNTIL the FDA approved OTC real hearing aids (as opposed to hearing devices). These were easy to adjust to my needs by taking the in app hearing exam and allowing it to customize settings for my hearing loss. Almost instantly, I was hearing sounds I had been deaf to for years.

Lew C.

It was needed for my father, a senior citizen, profound hearing loss, age related. A very good product


I purchased these for my mild to moderate hearing problems. The hearing aids are perfect, comfortable and work great so far the 2 days I've had them.

M. Zinn

I am 75 so my loss is primarily age related. Last night, I went to a neighbors house to play cards. I could understand the conversation without guessing and trying to read lips. I feel liberated and highly recommend Fisdemo for the ease of fitting, set up and amazing quality of both the build and sound.

Barb j

These work well as behind-the-ear hearing aids.

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