Fisdemo M Rechargeable Hearing aids with Portable Charger

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  • Multi Chanel Digital Chip: Accurately distinguish language pronunciation, actively reduce noise, and restore sound clearly.
  • 3 program settings – noisy, conversation, outdoors.
  • Easy Charge and Long Duration: Rechargeable and up to 38 hours battery life.
  • Adaptive Dual Microphone (ADM): Creating a premium directional or noise-canceling hearing aid which makes you from “hearing” to “understanding”.
Color: Light Grey

Lightweight and Invisible Design

They are lightweight, almost
invisible and comfortable enough to wear all daily life. Superb wearing comfort is provided
by a special ergonomic design—long-lasting comfort and resistance to slippage.

Easy To Use

Fisdemo M could automatically turn on out of the box, and power off in the box. Hearing aids has 3 program settings,normal, conversation and outdoors, you can longer press black control buttons to change.

Rechargeable and Long Battery Life

Unlike conventional hearing aids, which frequently need their batteries changed. Fisdemo M can be recharged up to 5 times for both ears using a portable charging box. So, you may go out and have fun without being concerned about the battery by charging less than 2 hours for a full charge up to work for 38 hours.

Extreme Nature and Clarity

Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) design binges the lowest sound distortion. Since the receiver is placed near the eardrum. You can quickly receive the sound with lower distortion and more clearly. 

Multi-Channel WDRC Memories with Highly Advanced Mini Microprocessor Technology for intelligent ambient noise reduction and clean and natural sound.

With its cutting-edge adaptive feedback management system, Fisdemo M offers clear, nature, and comfortable listening in various environments.


①Type-Ccharging cable

②Silicone ear dome

③Charging base



Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Constance Phillips

Fisdemo M Rechargeable Hearing aids with Portable Charger-Receiver in the Canal(RIC)

very good sound quality

These are great for my tinnitus. They sit securely on my ears. They have several settings that allow me to get the right frequency. The bluetooth makes it easy to sync it with my phone to set everything. They are great!

Qiang Kefeng
Seems to work pretty well.

I bought them for my husband. He can hear better so the TV can be turned down and we are both happy

Nice quality

I got these for my Dad, who has needed hearing aids for decades. I'm waiting for him to judge how they work out and will post the results when he does.

,Edward Briquier
Now I can hear

So much sound ! It's kind of overwhelming. I will get used to it

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