Fisdemo CN430S Hearing Aids

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It takes the average person nearly SEVEN YEARS before they take action on their hearing loss. During that time  the ability to understand is diminished. No wonder hearing loss is often mistaken for dementia in older people!Take action now! Our Recharge Hearing Aid is nearly invisible and costs up to 85% less than traditional hearing aids.

Advanced Noise Reduction

The latest 16-channel digital processor in this hearing aid, along with improved sound processing and amplification features, significantly decreases the impact of background noise, static electricity, and echo. These are excellent for individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss.

Sleek & Comfortable Design

L-shaped fuselage design, which is soft and comfortable, so you won't experience swelling and soreness if you wear it for a long time. Completely covert and undetectable. It's stylish and resembles a Bluetooth headset. When you need to wear glasses, this compact hearing aid will not take up any extra space behind your ear.

Adaptive Feedback Cancelling, or AFC

UFO Pro delivers clear, pleasant listening in various environments thanks to its cutting-edge adaptive feedback management system. With these hearing aids, enjoy activities like watching TV, conversing with others, listening to music, etc., with ease. 

Easily Usable Charging Technology

The portable charging box is lightweight, stylish, and can be charged anytime, anyplace, allowing you to constantly utilize the power for one week. Perfect for going out or traveling. The magnetic feature of the charging box helps stop equipment loss.


130nm full digital signal processing chip

16-channel automatic volume control (wide dynamic compression) medium power, low distortion sound output

Charging for 2 hours, the hearing aid can last for 38 hours. The charging box can charge 2 hearing aids 4 times

The magnetic charging case prevents device loss

Smart sensor on/off and delayed power on functions are easy to operate - no complicated modes and buttons


Maximum output OSPL 90(dBSPL)


HFA output OSPL 90(dBSPL)


Maximum Full-on gain(dB)


HFA Full-on gain(dB)




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